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Process Management & Communication
Dave Sobel

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SLA's and Business Management
Karl Palachuk

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Live from TechEd
Susan Bradley, Alun Johnson and Dave Sobel

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Web 2.0 for an IT Pro
Bob Rebholz, Sarah Perez

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Security Consulting
Dana Epp

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Managed Services with Mobitech
Amy Luby, Chad Gross, Steve Luby

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ISA & Firewalls
Amy Babinchak

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SBS Migration (Swing)
Jeff Middleton

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SMBTN Partner Groups
Roger Otterson, Andy Goodman, Jim Locke

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Big in SBS in 2006
SBS Weekly
Kevin Royalty, Roger Otterson, Amy Luby

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Small Business IT Consulting
Harry Brelsford

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Top 15 SBS Consultants
Beatrice Mulzer

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SBS Unleashed
Eriq Neale

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SBS Weekly

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SBS Weekly

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Patch Management
Susan Bradley

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SBS Weekly

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SBS Support Team
Mark Stanfill, Peter Gallagher, The Governator

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SBS Weekly

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Disaster Recovery 2
Scott Buchanan, Jeff Middleton

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Disaster Recovery 1
Karl Palachuk, Beatrice Mulzer, Brian Kruse, Charles McCubbin

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SBS Community
Amy Luby, Susanne Dansey

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Exchange 2003 SP2
Chris Rue
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SBS Show #24 - Managing Process & Communication

SBS Show #24 features an interesting conversation on communication, design and management of a small business IT provider. Dave Sobel, CEO of Evolve Technologies, based in the metro DC area, joined us to talk about how he has and continues to apply lessons and strategies from the popular book e-myth to his IT practice. Why Dave? First of all because Dave had nothing to sell, he simply was very successful and very passionate about the way his business runs. As far as credentials are concerned, his company is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, 2006 Sales & Marketing Partner of the Year in the Small Business Specialist category, blogger, Mac User and one of a dozen or so SBSers that showed up at TechEd. We (myself, Chris Rue, Amy Luby, Dave Sobel) had lunch at WWPC and talked about sales strategies, process management, documentation, documentation, documentation. I felt it was imperative to get Dave on the show as soon as possible and discuss how to do things right. Consider this episode the e-myth for IT business owners. Dave talks about strategy, management, HR, documentation, training, communication, community and the importance of harmony and repeatability in all those areas.

You can see and hear Dave Sobel on Vladfire #14. You can see Dave’s company Evolve Technologies here. You can subscribe to his blog here. But I know what you’re most interested in so here it goes:

Download the SBS Show #24:

SBS Show #23 - SLA’s and Business Management

SBS Show #23 with Karl Palachuk covers the world of Service Level Agreements and a whole lot more. We talk to Karl about the importance of documentation, ways to build and manage a business, community involvement as well as many tips, tricks and ways to do it all. We talk at great length about Karl’s new book “Service Agreements for SMB Consultants - A Quick-Start Guide To Managed Services” and whats actually in it. We try to dispell some myths in the SMB IT, ask Karl about the community and the concept of paying it forward but most of all we just rave about his book and discuss what value an SMB owner can realize from a properly documented business.

Additional Resources: Karl’s Book Karl’s Blog

Download the SBS Show #23:

SBS Show #22 - Live from TechEd

SBS Show 22 live from TechEd. We grabbed everyone left over after TechEd ended earlier today and brought you the SBS Show live from TechEd's Security MVP executive office. By the time we were done not even the posters were left on the walls. Hope you enjoy it, we talk about the new technologies demonstrated at TechEd, general Microsoft technical direction for the next year, what we took from the event, working on SBS as a big-business employee and more. Joining me are Susan Bradley, Alun Johnson and Dave Sobel.

Download the SBS Show #22

SBS Show #20 - Web 2.0 for an IT PRO
Web 2.0? What the heck is Web 2.0? SBS Show #20 with Bob Rebholz, Microsoft Group Product Manager aims to answer that question and put it in the context of how we as IT Professionals find, organize and trust information online. This show covers the community, Microsoft newsgroups / forums, blogs, wikis, tagging and explains just what all the technologies behind it are, why you should care and how you can benefit.

Joining us as a co-host and a Web 2.0 expert is Sarah Perez (, long time SBSer and one of the people that helped start the SBS Show.

Download the SBS Show #20

SBS Show #19 - Security Consulting
Well that was a nice spring break for the SBS Show! After more than a month-long absence the SBS Show is back and bigger than ever – new guests, new web site, new publishing, more bandwidth and more ways to hear it. We hope the changes that have been made during our break really go a long way towards bringing you the success stories of IT in small to medium business.

SBS Show episode 19 guest is Dana Epp, CEO of Scorpion Software. Dana is an SBSer, developer, CEO, security software architect and an active blogger. Yes, the man does everything, and that is the reason we wanted him on the show to present the security from the developers perspective and talk about the state of security in small business. How do you assess it? How do you manage it proactively? What to do when things go against you? How can you profit from it?? For answers to those questions and over an hour of insightful SMB security conversation download SBS Show #19 today.

Dana Epp talked about his latest product, Firewall Dashboard, so please feel free to check it out. Although it is a commercial product and well worth the money you can still download a free trial and see what its all about.

Dana's Blog:
Dana's Business:

Download the SBS Show #19

SBS Show #15 - Managed Services with Mobitech
SBS Show #15 on Managed Services is the most anticipated SBS Show episode ever - we taped four shows after we decided to go back and redo #15 to give this important topic the fair attention it deserves. Joining us are Amy, Chad and Steve and they talk about all aspects of managed services that have made Mobitech successful. You've seen these folks share details of their business and process in the newsgroups before but you've never seen it to this extent. 2+ hours of recording, you will want to set some time aside, break out a pen and a paper and listen attentively.

There are no show notes for this one, we simply asked everything we could think of and the scope and length of answers will surprise you. If you are not thrilled with this show I will give you your money back!

When you are done listening to this show sign up for the MobilizeSMB tour which is coming to a city near you. The event is completely free and will give you a chance to discuss managed services and strategies with the Mobitech team in person. Seating is limited so register today. For more on managed services software and concepts please Scharag this wiki.

Download the SBS Show #15

SBS Show #18 - ISA & Firewalls with Amy Babinchak
SBS Show 18 is an adult and with the age of maturity we look at a responsible topic of protecting your network with a firewall. Amy Babinchak (ISA MVP) joins us for an hour of basic questions about firewalls and general security in small business: what is a firewall, why do you need one, what does it do, which one to get and so on. This is the show you can send to your customers and give them a second opinion by an ISA expert, MVP and an author.

01:00 Who are you, what do you do?
04:00 What is a firewall?
06:00 What is ISA?
11:00 Small business threats: What does ISA stop, do I really need it?
14:00 Am I too small for a firewall?
15:00 What do firewalls do?
17:20 How does ISA compare with other solutions?
19:00 Why should I upgrade to ISA 2004?
22:50 Different ISA versions?
24:00 How do you sell ISA?
29:00 Case Study Time.
39:50 ISA Controversies: Safe on SBS? Appliances?
47:00 Will you help me configure ISA?

You can find out more about Amy Babinchak at her web site ( and more about her ISA work on her blog (

Download the SBS Show #18

SBS Show #17 - SBS Migration with Jeff Middleton
SBS Show 17 is almost at age of consent so we discussed a mature topic on a mature product: Migrating SBS. Small business networks are very mature and going from the old server to the new server is no longer a shotgun-reinstall method. Jeff Middleton is the father of SBS Migration and we talk to him about the swing process, news at, approaching documentation through subscription. We talk to Jeff about other topics as well: about being a consultant, IT Professional, SBS user groups, piracy, and religious experiences. You will want to listen to the 70+ minutes covering these topics:

0:01:40 What is Swing Migration?
0:22:00 How is Swing Migration Changing?
0:27:00 Microsoft's take on Swing Migration?
0:37:00 What is on the Portal?
0:48:20 ITPro Mash Project for New Orleans Update
0:51:30 Support for ITPro/SBS User Groups & Discounts
1:01:01 ..Jeff on Tour
1:03:00 ..Jeff on Piracy
1:07:00 ..Jeff on Consulting & Managed Services
1:09:00 ..Jeff on Swinging

Download the SBS Show #17

SBS Show #16 - SMBTN Partner Groups
Joining us for SBS Show #16 are few leaders of SMBTN groups: Jim Locke, Roger Otterson and Andy Goodman. They discuss the concept of partner groups and going beyond the networking/technology discussions and towards actually doing business. Every partner in the small business community should listen to this show, especially if you work on your own:

06:00 What is SMBTN, why did you get together?
09:55 What does SMBTN offer people/groups that join?
14:55 What benefits do SMBTN members get from major software/hardware vendors?
19:08 Joining SMBTN from the SBS group leaders perspective?
20:45 SBS group benefits under the SMBTN umbrella
22:35 What is SMBTN really all about?
29:47 What benefits do members realize from SMBTN?
39:22 How does one go about joining SMBTN?
44:10 SMBTN conference?

Download the SBS Show #16

SMBTN Annual Conference is at Buena Park, CA from Mar 30 - Apr 1. If you're curious where the SBS Show #15 went, Chris was put in charge of editing the SBS Show on Managed Server because we couldn't hear one of our guests. Look for it this week! In the meantime, the Inside SBS crew will be making its trumphant return with a talk on Mobility. Look for it early next week.

SBS Show #14 - Big in 2006 in SBS

The Duke Nukem Forever production of the SBS Show is out, asking what will be big in SBS in 2006? We've rounded up some SBS industry leaders to answer that question and we also covered some of the things we are doing, additional audio content thats going to be available from the SBS Show and a few surprises.

00:51 The Year Ahead
01:26 Kevin Royalty, SBS MVP, Solution Net, Inc.
09:36 Roger Otterson, SBS MVP, SMBTN, Qualitec Consulting
21:20 Amy Luby, CEO Mobitech, Greater Omaha SBS
What we're doing in 2006
29:04 Susanne Dansey
31:40 Chris Rue
38:14 Vlad Mazek
42:33 The Year of the Customer
45:56 Extra SBS Show content, Whither Inside SBS?

Download the SBS Show #14
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SBS Show #13 - Small Business IT Consulting with Harry Brelsford
It's good to be the king! Harry Brelsford took a break from his skiing trip to stay at his cabin and talk to us about the state of small business IT, franchising, starting and growing and IT practice, world-wide trends even down to new business ideas, personal style and plastic surgery advice. Harry, like everyone else we invite on the show, is a big contributor to the SBS community and will certainly be back to discuss some of the subjects in depth but we wanted to get to know Harry... for those of you that don't get to sit down and have coffee with the big time SBSers this is a good intro and overview on what IT business involves and where its going.

Download the SBS Show:

Show Notes:
Time Description
===== =======================================
1:37 Who are you?
6:44 Where is SMB Nation going next?
10:12 How did you get started?
12:46 What are you talking about now?
15:49 So whats new?
17:20 How does Microsoft work? Workshops?
20:15 Is there an opportunity in IT franchises?
26:19 How do you build a consulting practice?
32:08 Succcessful franchise organizations
43:00 One-man-band vs. Build-and-grow IT firm?
44:03 Whats the value in SBS user groups?
50:40 Whats the current buzz word in smallbizit?
52:20 Grilling time: Do you have a stylist?
55:00 Where are the ebooks? Opinion on piracy?

Harry Brelsford's notes (

SMB Nation Amsterdam 2006 (April 6-7 2006) registration NOW OPEN!

SMB Nation complimentary evening workshops: January = USA, February-April = EMEA

SMB Technology Watch newsletter, free and goes bi-weekly starting in February!!! Join our 7,000 readers.

What in the world is a Podcast?
I was at the Tampa Bay SBS group meeting last night and a few guys asked if there was supposed to be any video in these podcasts. While I'm sure plenty of folks would pay for some video of our Queenie, no, there is no video in podcasts. Not to mention that Chris and I "have the face for the radio" and would effectively have to kiss our audience goodbye. But the guys I spoke to are pretty active SBSers and if they didn't know what to expect out of a podcast then its likely that most people out there don't get it either so let me see if I can sum up what a podcast is, how to use one, etc.

What is a podcast?

Podcast (personal on-demand broadcast) is a recording of a radio show you can download off the Internet. No video, just sound, and usually quite low quality to make it a smaller download. Unlike a streamed audio file, podcasts are intended to be downloaded and listened your own pace, time and place - on your computer, on your mp3 player, on your media center PC or while driving. Files are quite small (less than 20 megs for over an hour of talk) and traditionally involve one person with nothing to say recording a show for someone that has nothing to do. SBS Show is technically an icecast because we always have guests and more than 1 person talking which basically makes it a lot like talk radio except without Garliq commercials.

So I just download this?

You can, but that is not the preferred form of transfering these. Much like blogs the cool thing behind podcasts is that they are wrapped in xml/rss enclosures and come with a wide set of tools to make subscription to these shows easy and effortless. For example, the SBS Show has a feed which is integrated into places like Yahoo and Itunes. You can just go to these sites, subscribe to "SBS Show" and those clients will automatically download the mp3 of the show when it becomes available to your mp3 player or your computer. You can also use series of aggregators which are programs designed to collect podcasts and download them for you so you don't have to navigate to places like every week - its done automatically.

Got it! What now?

Once you have the mp3 file you sit and listen to it. Or in Joey's case you put it on an mp3 player and take it to the gym. There is a big misconception that podcasts are somehow related to Apple, they are not. You do not need an Ipod and for the love of god don't give money to Apple. Any dinky $30 mp3 player will be a champ at playing back podcasts, after all, they are just mp3 files. You can play it at the office, in the gym, on your way to work/client/wedding/during sex. It is just a very versatile form of distributing information and quite entertaining at that - for those of you in the business world think about getting useful technical and business information without powerpoint.

Whoa, sounds pretty complex. Dumb it down.

Ok. Go to and search for SBS Show (or click here) - Scroll down the list until you find the show you wish to listen to. Click listen and enjoy.

Now lets say you had an mp3 player or wanted to listen on your computer. Well, go to and click on the download link and either save to the mp3 player or open with the media player of your choice. If thats too complex just open up a recent version of iTunes, click on Podcasts and in the search field type SBS Show - list will drop down, pick the one you like the most and hit play. Thats it!

But wait, I'm a power user!

Wooohooo. Okay, in that case you'll want to subscribe to podcasts and really waste some hard drive space. First thing you need to get is an aggregator which will collect these podcasts for you. They are called podcast aggregators or podcatchers. Yes, they are all free.

At the simplest level there are Yahoo Media Player and iTunes. Both will collect podcasts for you. If you'd rather put the mp3's on something more exotic, such as a Media Center PC or a PocketPC (or a Linux workstation) there are things to that as well. My personal favourites are Doppler which is available both for your Windows desktop and your mobile PocketPC. If you're looking for something cross-platform there is always iPodder. Whichever software you select you'll need to find a feed.

Feed what? We ain't on a farm boy!

RSS/XML feed is the file that podcasters use to format their podcasts for syndication. They include the link to the file, date it was made, length of the recording, brief description, etc. It is how iTunes tells you what you're about to get. While most people will never see this because 99% of people use Yahoo and iTunes I figured I'd mention it. Let's say you're browsing around a random site and you really find a podcast that you're really interested in but you're experiencing an out-of-attention issue. You can't find it in iTunes but they have this little RSS/XML orange icon. Well, that means they published their podcast feed. Right click and copy the address and paste it into your aggregator. Few minutes later you'll be downloading a collection of that podcasts recordings.

Subscribe to the SBS Show


Don't buy an iPod. If you've found stuff you enjoy lisitening to online you can use an aggregator to subscribe to your favourite digital radio shows and listen to them at your own pace. And no, SBS Show has no video's of Susanne you can download.

SBS Show #12 - Business Success in SMB with Beatrice Mulzer
SBS Show #12 features Beatrice Mulzer talking about her new book: "Making It Big In Small Business 2006: Top 15 Successful SMB Consultants Share Strategies and Lessons Learned"; As promised in the SBS Show #11 with Eriq Neale where he talked about his new technical reference, SBS Unleashed, we are doing our part to review some of the books that we feel would make you a better technician or a business(wo)man with SBS. The better business part, in my humble opinion, is covered by Beatrice's new book. It is a detailed look at the business leaders that have built successful practices on SBS Worldwide. In her own words "SMB Consulting Best Practices is a wonderful MBA book, and this is the next step. It is a look at how others have successfully implemented Harry Brelsford's techniques."

Download the SBS Show Episode 12: Click Here

We're also running a little contest. During the show I read a small passage from the book so the first person that emails me with the person that said what I read gets a little unique SBS Show prize. :)

SBS Show - Episode 11: Eriq Neale and Unleashed SBS Book for Techies
New year is coming up and so are New Year resolutions. I'm sure you'll promise to exercise more and lose weight but SBS Show is here to help you make a promise you can actually keep - Become a better consultant and a better IT Pro.

Joining us this show is Eriq O. Neale, the lead author of SBS 2003 Unleashed, to discuss what is in the book essential to everyone supporting SBS. However, we talk about a lot more than just the book: How do you make a transition from having a job to going out on your own, how to do a good default SBS install, how to integrate a Mac in your SBS network, going beyond SBS wizards.

Download the SBS Show Episode 11: Click Here
7:10 Becoming a consultant
15:18 SBS Unleashed Books, writing process
21:30 What sells the book
30:00 Refrence book
37:53 Background and Mac maintenance
49:00 How much SBS can I get on my Mac
1:00:00 Q, Inc. Podcasts, webcasts, business, blogs, books and boards oh my

Eriq's Links:

Vlad's Take: The reason you need to get this book is because it is written for you. Here is what I mean by that: This book is written by people that participate in the big SBS community. This book addresses the real world and the ups and downs of running SBS on the net instead of a Microsoft spec-sheet. Anne Stanton, Chad Gross, Susan Bradley, Amy Babinchak, Susan Bradley, Javier Gomez, Tim Barrett, Frank Clark, Henry Craven, Ed Walters contributed chapters to this book.

Download the SBS Show Episode 11: Click Here

SBS Show #10: SBS Weekly
SBS Weekly #10 was quite a unique experience.

Susanne and Chris had to make do without Vlad this episode, but hopefully we still managed to come up with something useful to you.

Items we covered include:
* Lawsuit Concerning Mobile Security & Feature Pack
* Outlook Junk Mail Filter Update
* Intel's Dual-Core Yonah Chipset
* CPC Combo Windows XP Tablet/Windows Mobile 5 device
* Impact of Guidance Software Security Breach
* Microsoft's 10 Resolutions For 2006
* Xbox 360 Rollout In Japan
* Upcoming User Group Meetings
UK -
* Manchester User Group - Dec. 19
* Kent User Group - Dec. 20
* Orlando IT Pro - Dec. 19th
* Kansas City SUG - Dec. 20th
* Alabama SMB UG - Dec. 20th

* Michigan 70-282 Study Group Starting In January -
* Inside SBS #13 on Monday (IMF) –
* SBS Show #11 w/Eriq Neale
* Reminder About User Groups Around The World/Shoutout To Wayne Small –
* Feedback About Vendors for UK Group Leaders

Download SBS Show #10

SBS Show #8: Patch Management with Susan Bradley
After two weeks in production we're proud to present SBS Show #8 with Susan Bradley, MVP. We tried very, very, very hard to dumb her down and present patching and patch management to the magic "150" level where you're not being ridiculed but also not so over your head that you can't implement her advice. This is the show you pass on to your clients, to your boss, to every single person running Windows. I know there are more people out there like my dad, that see that yellow box and ask me 6 months later whether they should install it. This is the show for them.

... and a show for you, the IT consultant. If you've ever seen Susan's blog ( she is big on running things correctly and we've pressed her to explain everything - from patching to security to how she puts together Sam the Server posts. Professional, business and personal - this show has it all. In about a week when we clear out the rss/podcast traffic I will post the show in 128bit quality instead of the "royal flush gang" quality of 40bit.

So what are you waiting for?

Download SBS Show #8 (Runtime: 1:23:23)

Subscribe to SBS Show

Subscribe to SBS Weekly

.. and if thats not enough, Susan Bradley also writes patch management articles for Windows Secrets.

SBS Weekly - SBS Show #9 is out
Ok, so we have finally picked the name for the SBS Show mid-week updates. Thank you for the feedback and suggestions, we did pick SBS Weekly which was suggested by one of the anonymous cowards on this very blog. The SBS Weekly show will run about 20 minutes to make it convenient for you to listen to it the same (or the very next) day and get the most up-to-date information in the SBS world. I know its hard to come by an hour or more to sit down and listen to the SBS Show we produce on the weekends, and believe me, we wouldn't dream cutting the weekend subjects down. I have been editing down the show with Susan Bradley for three days and I have a hard time taking out stuff - thank you for your patience with this one, it is really a gem.

Now on to the SBS Weekly (SBS Show #9). We talked about:
- Announcement of SBS 2003 R2. Even called Guy Haycock, Sr. Product Manager for SBS to get the details on just what expanded CALs were and if it was possible to split SBS components onto multiple servers with R2.
- Discussion about Mozilla 1.5 and why you should really try it out.
- New viruses and worms in the wild spreading through IM and how you can protect yourself from the next onslaught of Sober.
- Risks involved in deploying Blackberry ES and potential blackout due to patent disputes.
- New laws requiring VARs to handle proper disposal of PCs they sell in UK

... and a few other things. Please let us know how you like the new format.

Direct download of SBS Weekly (SBS Show #9, mp3)
Podcast xml feed for your aggregator

Look for the SBS Show #8 with Susan Bradley tomorrow night. If you got Friday afternoon open make sure you check out or sister show Inside SBS by the SBS PSS crew, they will be covering ISA..

SBS Show #7: This Week In SBS
SBS Show 7 is out and we cover this weeks events in SBS. For your easy consumption it is only 22 minutes in length as promised and we just go over some of the things you may have missed in the SBS community this week. On the table were:

- Exchange 2003 SP2 reboots faster than usual (kb 555526)
- Exchange 2003 SP2 IMF does not scan messages bigger than 3MB (thanks Philipp Kohn)
- Can I install Exchange SP2 and SharePoint Team Services SP2 before I install SBS SP1 or do I have to install Exchange/SharePoint SP1, then SBS SP1 then SP2 of each?
- (5:11) Firefox 1.5 - and reasons to upgrade
- (12:14) Microsoft OneCare Live goes global
- (15:19) What a (British) girl wants: Suede Laptop!
- (18:00) SBS group meetings and

Susanne Dansey of Readycrest Ltd. joined us today after some convincing and will be with us regularly during Wednesday's editions of the SBS Show (This Week in SBS). I explained the reasoning for this previously but we intended to keep a very high standard and make weekend shows useful. We understand nobody has an hour (or more) to sit down and consider all the braindumps offered on the weekend show and we still want to inform you. So during the week well have a little 20 minute show that brings you up to date and tells you what you need to know. Susanne will give us the global perspective, so while Chris and I represent the SEC, Susanne is tasked with representing the rest of the world.

Hopefully a balanced and informative show for everyone, as a great man once said: "The SBS world is flat."

SBS Show #7 - Download it here.

Up next: THE Susan Bradley talking about patch management. Wanna talk to her? (407) 965-2945.

SBS Show #6: SBS PSS Crew shows you how to troubleshoot SBS
Mark Stanfill and Peter Gallagher from Microsoft SBS Product Support Services joined us this weekend to share some of their SBS support skills. We talked about basic troubleshooting, performance as well as leveraging PSS for your business whether you're a partner, consultant or an SBS owner. Topics include troubleshooting performance issues, performance monitor, PSS call experience.

As a special treat you'll find out how to get your calls answered directly by the US PSS support crew without a Premier support contract and some SBS troubleshooting best practices. It's so good even Arnold Schwarzenegger called in!

Get SBS Show #6!
Subscribe to the podcast xml (for iTunes, podcatcher, etc)
Subscribe to the SBS Show blog

P.S. To do justice to this podcast please don't blog about it until you've had a chance to listen to it. I promise it is far from what you're expecting. This is the biggest and most entertaining podcast in the long and prolific 6-week history of the SBS Show.

Correction: We hinted to this during the show but just to state it clearly again: What Mark Stanfill refered to was "Microsoft Small Business Specialist" and "Microsoft Certified Partner" programs. (not Small Business Partner or Microsoft Silver Partner); to find more about it please go to They also talked about Performance Monitor Wizard and how it can help you find bottlenecks and establish performance logs with some very telling counters.

SBS Show Episode #5 - This Week in SBS
SBS Show #5, slightly delayed because of flu, sbs group meetings and general wedding planning that comes with organizing IT events. So to top off your Turkey/shopping day here are some things that happened this week in small business IT world.

As you will hear in the podcast, I was not prepared for the success the SBS Show has become. I originally called Chris a few times to have him help me with the voice/phone checks and invited him on to ask me a few questions about Exchange. Then I called a few friends over, then some more friends... by week four I was spending three hours on editing and producing a show that has clocked over 65,000 downloads in the last month.

So I've decided to produce two shows every week. Odd numbered shows will come out midweek and will feature two of us talking about things going on in small business IT, anotherwords something you can listen to on your way to work. The even numbered weekend shows will be professionally (or my hack version of it) produced and feature expert guests on topics that you need to sit down and think about and will run close to an hour.

With those changes in mind, and expert guests, this weekend will feature the SBS PSS crew you all know from the Inside SBS Show and this is the invitation to call in and ask them a question. (407) 965-2945, leave your name and your question and I'll try to edit it in the show! We're mainly discussing the PSS process - how do they troubleshoot, how do they resolve problems. So if you want to know how the top of the SBS support world finds answers this would be a great time to call in and ask.

In the meantime, enjoy the 20 minute SBS Show episode #5.

Show Summary:
10:24 Beatrice Mulzer's new Book
13:12 Microsoft CRM 3.0 & SBS Issues and Anne Stanton's additional steps.
18:58 Microsoft Xbox 360

Honey, we have guests for Thanksgiving
The SBS Show for November 27, 2005 (weekend after Thanksgiving) will feature the Microsoft SBS PSS crew. These are the top guys in the Microsoft's product support services team and they are the ones that help you fix your SBS server when you've made made a huge dent in the wall trying to figure things out.

The guys joining us are: Mark Stanfill, Peter Gallagher and Jeff Taylor. They also run the official Inside SBS podcast that dives into technical SBS discussion every Friday at 1PM CST.

Got a question for the SBS support gurus?

Since we have more time to produce this show I'm going to do my best to air as many voicemails as physically possible, so start calling our voicemail number and leave the question. Here is the process:

1. Dial +1 (407) 965-2945
2. In less than 25 seconds leave your name and state your question.
3. After the 25 seconds you may say anything you wish, its up to you.

I had the pleasure of listening to the voicemails for the last show (all hour and a half of them) and I only managed to use one without heavy editing. Please be respectful to our guests and state your question for them without re-enacting the Civil War on my voicemail. Here is what one of them sounded like:

"Well me and ma like to buy pecans on Sunday mornings down by the farmers market in Abberville. We's from Georgia. Well we went down this week and one of em nice young whipper-snappers told us about a server. "What do we need a server for".... three minutes later... So I want to know about ASP.NET 2.0."

While I'm sure that was a prank call it does not fall far from other voicemails. Please say who you are, where you're from and get to the question quickly. While I appreciate all the kind words (as does Chris and everyone else on the show) we need to keep things moving.. So, got a question for the SBS Support team? (407) 965-2945.


SBS Show Episode #4 - Recovering SBS in Crisis
Posted: 8:33 PM
The fourth SBS Show episode was a more technical look at disaster recovery with Jeff Middleton and Scott Buchanan. We put the scare tactics aside but still had a presentation with two gentlemen that had to do some serious disaster recovery as both went up against a Category 3/4 hurricane and massive flooding. In contrast to episode #3, this show was more about restoring your business and doing things right.

We had a huge audience for show #3 because I suspect a lot of you forwarded this to your customers (or you're lurking around) - either way, 15,114 people listened to SBS Show episode #3, 33 voice mails and a ton of nice people writing to us. I really appreciate it, thank you for promoting the show and finding the content useful enough to share with others.

So here is what happened:
- Talked to Scott Buchanan of PDQ Computer (
- Talked to Jeff Middleton, MVP of Swing Migration (
- Talked about proper D&R design, implementation and restore process
- Talked about how to personally get organized in a crisis
- Jeff offered an exclusive free pamphlet on "How to move an SBS install intact to new hardware"
- Jeff mentioned the full D&R procedure outline in Harry Brelsford's "Advanced Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices" book, check that out if you're interested in an in-depth technical overview.
- All else... check the show for details.

We never imagined we would have this many people interested in the show nor did we ever expect guests as impressive as the ones we've featured so far. Thank you for all your support and please keep on letting others know about this!

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SBS Show Episode #3 - Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning for SBSers
After over 5,000 downloads of our first two shows I decided to dive into a very serious and sensitive subject that a lot of SBS shops need to pay attention to: disaster recovery. Not just from the standpoint of keeping good backups but from planning, designing and executing a backup strategy for small business. I was joined by experts from various walks of life: IT consultant, published authors, business advisor and the Small Business Specialist / Gold Certified Partner. We attacked the "backup" strategy from all angles and I pushed everyone to give their single best way to get a disaster recovery plan started with just $300, one-time. Lots of points of view, lots of things to consider and great advice from some of the best SBS consultants out there:

Karl Palachuk (KP Enterprises) - Karl is the author of The Network Documentation Workbook, president of KPEnterprises Business Consulting Inc (Microsoft Certified Partner) and leader of Sacramento Small Business Server User Group.

Beatrice Mulzer (Intellisys) - Beatrice is the author of several SMB Nation books including the famous Microsoft Small Business Specialist Primer & 70-282 Exam Preparation Guide. She is also an SBS consultant and a leading technology trainer.

Brian Kruse (Coastal Networks) - Brian is a Small Business Consultant and an expert in wireless technology. He is one of the leaders of the South Florida Technology Network and provided some excellent advice in dealing with extended service outages.

Charles McCubbin (CMcCubbin & Co) - Charles is a Fortune 500 business process advisor with 20 years of experience designing and building computer networks. Charles specializes in small business and presents disaster recovery in terms of business, HR and business insurance.

Warning: Adult (explicit) language, serious and sensitive business topic. All advice is provided as is with no warranty or guarantee, whatsoever.
Download SBS Show Episode #3 - Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning for SBSers

Note: This is a 2 parter: Episode #3 is on general topic of small business disaster recovery planning and business continuity. Episode #4 (next week with Jeff Middleton) will be a more technical and focused view of implementing backups and disaster recovery for SBS 2003.

SBS Show Podcast #2 - Its a small IT World

This show is all about the small business technology communities that can help you get better as an SBSer, it pro, technician, salesman or that guy stuck with running a server in the small business. Travel the world of information from the comfort of your chair, we talk about SBS groups, sites, blogs and mailing lists for every interest.

In addition to Chris Rue, today I'm joined by Amy Luby (Mobitech) and Susanne Dansey (Readycrest) who add a touch of class to the show. Collectively, we manage to offend everyone from Estonia to Australia, hope you enjoy it. We also had the first phone call-in from JJ Antequino (MS-TS2) who talked about Microsoft TS2 and presenter involvement in the community. Topics discussed:

- SBS / SMB partner groups (
- SBSBPI in United Kingdom with Susanne Dansey (
- Managed Services Group with Amy Luby (
- Microsoft Small Business Channel (
- by JJ Antequino
- SBS Pope (Susan Bradley, and other Blogs
- Various communities on Yahoo, MSN, Microsoft.Public and PSS
- Funny find of the week: The Nascar Laptop

Download SBS Show #2

SBS Show Podcast #1 is Live
The first SBS Show podcast is now live! Battling some food poisoning and a hurricane at the moment but the podcast is up and I hope you can all enjoy it. I was joined by Chris Rue (happyfunboy) and we chatted about a number of things that happened last week and that will be happening this week.

This is the very first show and I'm still figuring it all out. You can download an MP3 of it outright and drop it into your player, or you can subscribe to it using iTunes or Yahoo Music. This show was 45 minutes long and fit in ~12 Mb so it should not be too difficult to download. What did we talk about?

The idea behind this podcast is to take a popular item of the week and discuss it with people that have an expertise in that area. Important items often get lost in massive email threads and the podcast is a more elegant way of spreading that information.

We want this to be a dynamic community property, give us your opinion or tell us who you'd like to hear from. So if you have something interesting to say, comment or if you want to talk to us during the recording - please let us know. There is also a number you can call around the
clock [(407) 965-2945)] and we'll edit you into the show if you'd like.

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